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    The "Pretty Little Liars" Cast Revealed Where Their Characters Would Be In Ten Years

    Can we fast forward 10 years next season?

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    This season on Pretty Little Liars, we'll find out what our favorite girls from Rosewood are up to five years after last season's grand finale. But what would the girls be up to 10 years from then?

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    The cast of Pretty Little Liars stopped by BuzzFeed for a live Q&A and things got pretty juicy when a fan's question asked the girls just that — what would their characters be up to in 10 years from now?


    Lucy HOPES Aria will be a little more independent and finds success as a writer...


    Lucy: "I think Aria will probably, hopefully, not still be living with her parents like she is now. She's in journalism... so hopefully, you know, on a book tour."

    Ashley thinks Hanna will be the next fashion mogul...


    Ashley: "I think Hanna would be like an Anna Wintour because she's now into fashion."

    Shay thinks Emily will have a modest life...


    Shay: "I think Emily will be a P.E. coach. I think she would be settled down with her partner, whoever that is."

    Troian thinks Spencer will still be focused on ONLY her career...


    Troian: "Youngest female president ever. No, I think Spencer will definitely be in politics. I still feel like she'll just be married to her job."

    And Sasha is a little skeptical about a 33-year-old Alison...


    Sasha: "I think Alison will either have four kids or be divorced and very sour. I don't think she necessarily has the brightest future."

    I guess we can only hope we'll get 10 more seasons of Pretty Little Liars! Watch more of the Q&A in the clip below:

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    Be sure to watch the season 6B premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8pm ET on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family!

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