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Pink *Didn't* Fly In The Air While Performing At The Grammys And People Are Shocked

She just stayed in one place?!

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In case you missed it, Pink shut down the Grammys with an incredible vocal performance of her song "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" in just jeans and a T-shirt alongside a sign-language interpreter:


And while the performance was beautiful in every way, people are SHOOK that Pink decided to put her typical fly-in-the-air-while-doing-acrobatics theatrics aside:

Me: “Pink better not hang from the ceiling again.” Also Me: “Why didn’t Pink hang from the ceiling?!” #Grammys

Some people really loved it:

This is probably the first time I've seen pink performing without flying through the air and it was just as beautiful! #GRAMMYs

When you think @Pink was going to be flying above all the stage... But instead gives you a damn emotional vocal performance #GRAMMYS

Some people where left questioning life:

If @Pink doesn’t fly, is she even P!NK? #GRAMMYs

Pink is performing... not flying around in the air #GRAMMYs

Me when #Pink didn’t fly through the air mid song at the #Grammys

And some people are still waiting to see if she's going to fly, flip, jump out of a volcano, etc.

Keeping things unexpected, I SEE YOU GIRL!


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