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19 Pictures That Get Better The Longer You Look At Them

Wait for it...

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1. Because of this girl's hungry shirt:

2. Because of this buccaneer hanging out with a bunch of landlubbers at a baseball game:

3. Because of these cats getting into the holiday spirit:

4. Because of this IRL pun chillin' in the fridge:

5. Because of this great view of the backyard:

6. Because of the way this girl decided to pose:

7. Because of one pink jelly bean from Bikini Bottom:

8. Because of this man's aggressive footwear:

9. Because of this stuffed animal collection:

10. Because of one these pairs of shoes:

11. Because of this man's close encounter with death:

12. Because of this seventh member of the family:

13. Because of these two golf spectators who left the racetrack for the day:

14. Because of these 8-bit bricks:

15. Because of this horrifying hairstyle:

16. Because of this toy your child shouldn't win:

17. Because of this furry Christmas ornament:

18. Because of what this girl is shopping for online:

19. And because of these shadows who didn't come here to play beer pong:

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