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    17 Pictures Of Novak Djokovic To Hang In Every Room In Your House

    Call me your thirsterior decorator!

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not thirsty!!!! God just simply called upon me to serve the thirsty people of the world with content!! ! ! !!! !!!!! !

    With that said, here are essential pictures of tennis bae Novak Djokovic every thirsty person in the world needs to see, print, frame, and hang up in their house:

    1. For your foyer:

    2. For your dining room:

    3. For above your fireplace:

    4. For above your fireplace (during the spring):

    5. For your biblioteca:

    6. For your meditation room:

    7. For your towel closet:

    8. For the refrigerator shelf where you keep the Brita:

    9. For the wall above your bed:

    10. For the ceiling above your bed:

    11. For the wall you face the most in your shower:

    12. For the wall your back is turned to most in your shower:

    13. For your man butts worshiping room:

    14. For the room where you keep all of your lotion:

    15. For your S&M dungeon:

    16. For the guest bedroom where the visitors you like stay:

    17. And for your nightstand (after you photoshop your face where the trophy is):

    You're welcome!