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27 People Who Just Got Brutally Shut Down

At least you're not alone.

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1. This hopeful Facebook user who once used to believe in love.

2. This Matthew guy who needs to watch more movies.

3. Whoever this Coke was shared with.

5. Andi, who at least gave a valiant effort.

6. Whoever went to Paris with a lover and came back with a friend.

7. This guy who just poured his heart out to Siri.

9. This girl who was SO CLOSE.

10. This person who will never look at Uno the same.

11. This Snapchat user who should have stuck to sending pictures.

12. This poor guy WHO ISN'T GAY.

13. This person who just discovered the MEGA friend zone.

15. Whoever thought they could be more with Mindy S.


16. This Aaron guy who tried EVERYTHING.

18. This girl who should stop giving advice.

20. Whoever's fortune this was.

21. This person who's most likely ruined for the rest of their life.

22. This guy who regrets taking her on a date to the Brooklyn Bridge.

24. Whoever got this honest response.

25. This guy who will never share anything on social media again.

26. Whoever tried to come between this person and their cereal.

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