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21 People Who Are Worse At Ikea Than You

Adult Legos aren't for everyone.

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1. Anyone who puts a chair together like this.

3. Anyone who ends up with something like this as a coffee table.

4. Anyone who thinks this is a good place for a towel rack.

5. Anyone who finds nothing wrong with this bed frame.

6. Anyone who finds themselves spooning their ceiling at night.

7. Anyone who can't tell the front of a desk from the back.

8. Anyone whose closet looks like this.

9. Anyone who has these metal poles as chairs in their house.

10. Anyone who has a dresser with a slouching problem.

11. Anyone who thinks a king-sized bed frame would fit their queen-sized mattress.

12. Anyone who thinks these door knobs match.

13. Anyone who thought this was going to work out.

14. Anyone who doesn't understand how desk legs work.

15. Anyone who can make a piece of furniture completely unrecognizable and useless.

16. Anyone who doesn't understand the purpose of bar stools.

17. Anyone who owns a chair like this.

19. Anyone who thinks all of these pieces are totally facing the right way.

20. Anyone who succumbs to the frustration of having upside down furniture.

21. And anyone who just simply doesn't know how to Ikea.

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