21 People Who Are Definitely The Only Ones

Yes, you ARE the only one.

1. This woman who shouldn’t be allowed in public restrooms:

Samuel Goldwyn Films

2. This girl who spends way too much time with her dog:

3. This person who just hasn’t met the right kind of butts yet:

4. This person who hasn’t ever known happiness:

5. This guy who shouldn’t be allowed at funerals:

Am I the only one who thinks a coffin looks like a great place to take a nap?

— Carlos Valerio (@MiNDF_CkED_)


Am I the only one that uses my phone in the shower but doesn't have a life proof case?

— Diana (@DianaRevilla23)

7. This person who doesn’t get the point:

Am I the only one who microwaves ice cream

— Polina (@Polina_marie)

8. This woman who doesn’t know how to boil water:

Am I the only one who doesn't know how to cook rice?

— Patricia Wesierski (@pwesierski)

9. This man who has stared far too long at Hillary Clinton:

Am I the only one who thinks Hillary Clinton resembles an old Miley Cyrus? #weirdrealizations

— Samuel Rauscher (@SamuelTobiasR)

10. This guy who is using Siri wrong:

Say am I the only one that got drunk and tried to have phone sex with Siri?

— LeeRoy Jenkins (@KoolCreation)

11. This guy who wants a camel dick:

Am I the only one who saw that camel penis and thought "I wish mine was that long"?

— The Doctor (@thesamball)

12. This girl who needs to buy a different brand of soy sauce:

Am I the only one who thinks soy sauce smells like cat treats? #adoboproblems

— CC Kuz (@amandakuz)

13. This girl who should just shop at Claire’s:

am I the only one who finds taxidermy necklaces cute af??

— elle (@lowerthanelle)

14. This guy who really shouldn’t enjoy this:

So am I the only one who actually likes the smell of my own dogs' farts?

— Seth Rogovoy (@rogovoy)

15. This person who is at least trying:

am I the only one who tries to retweet things with their nipple?

— Tom Ford (@lilgogz)

16. This girl who sneaks ketchup into movie theaters:

am I the only one that eat popcorn with ketchup?

— coração de ouro (@emilycarbajal87)

17. This person who is JUST WRONG:

Am i the only one who doesnt think pizza is the best thing in the world?

— Sara Olson (@toxicbullshxt)

18. This man who should learn to Google:

Am I the only one that doesn't know how long women are pregnant for?

— andrew becerra (@ajbecerra2)

19. This girl who keeps it fancy down there:

Just out of curiosity am i the only one who braids my pubic hair?

— Katrina Knott (@Katrinas_Chill)

20. This person who lives a confused life:

Am I the only one who eats cereal in a cup with a fork

— Mo (@momo_cita)

21. And this man:

Am I the only one?

— Danny Marcelo Arce (@darcemau)

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