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Barbz Aren't Happy Nicki Minaj Changed Their Name To "The Kingdom"

R-I-P B-A-R-B-Z.

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...But the "Barbz" nickname formed organically between Nicki and her fans, as she explained to MTV back in 2010:

I have a Nicktionary, it's my own little terms and phrases, and one day I said, instead of saying "bye" I said "It's Barbie bitch." I could just imagine a Barbie becoming like a Chuckee and you think it's all cute but the head starts spinning or something crazy and the kids just took that and ran with it.


In a deadass tweet written to the media on Monday morning, Nicki has announced her fanbase will now be called "#TheKINGDOM:"

Dear media: they're no longer called BARBZ. They're called #TheKINGDOM thank you for coming. Grab some coffee on your way out. πŸ¦‹

And it seems like the former-Barbz are NOT having it:

Some are asking for a formal vote:

Some are questioning the creative behind this decision:

And some are refusing to call themselves anything but a Barb.

I guess she only breast feeds #TheKINGDOM now. β˜•

i only breast feed the barbz. U NOT A BARBIE ITS #NUNAYAFUCKINBEEZWAX