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    Barbz Aren't Happy Nicki Minaj Changed Their Name To "The Kingdom"

    R-I-P B-A-R-B-Z.

    Ever since Nicki Minaj stormed the music scene in the late '00s, she's referred to her fanbase as the "Barbz."

    Unlike some fanbase names, it made sense! Not only did Nicki serve the whole Barbie aesthetic for her debut album Pink Friday...

    Young Money

    ...But the "Barbz" nickname formed organically between Nicki and her fans, as she explained to MTV back in 2010:

    I have a Nicktionary, it's my own little terms and phrases, and one day I said, instead of saying "bye" I said "It's Barbie bitch." I could just imagine a Barbie becoming like a Chuckee and you think it's all cute but the head starts spinning or something crazy and the kids just took that and ran with it.

    Well, as of May 1, 2017, the BARBZ nickname is NO MORE.


    In a deadass tweet written to the media on Monday morning, Nicki has announced her fanbase will now be called "#TheKINGDOM:"

    Dear media: they're no longer called BARBZ. They're called #TheKINGDOM thank you for coming. Grab some coffee on your way out. 🦋

    And it seems like the former-Barbz are NOT having it:

    Some are asking for a formal vote:


    Some are questioning the creative behind this decision:

    @NICKIMINAJ Sis who approved this?

    And some are refusing to call themselves anything but a Barb.

    I guess she only breast feeds #TheKINGDOM now. ☕

    i only breast feed the barbz. U NOT A BARBIE ITS #NUNAYAFUCKINBEEZWAX