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The 21 Most Important Celebrity Scruffs Of All Time


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21. The Zayn Malik

Why it's important: It may get a little scraggly at times, but Zayn definitely knows how to make some scruff beautiful.

19. The Ashton Kutcher

Why it's important: It would take all the (two and a half) men in the world to match Ashton's perfect stubble.

18. The Chase Crawford

Why it's important: Hey there Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. Who has perfect enough scruff to make you crawl on your knees? CHASE CRAWFORD, THAT'S WHO. XOXO

17. The David Beckham

Why it's important: In a perfect world, we would all be able to grow it like Beckham. As for now, we'll just keep staring at his perfectly scruffy face.

12. The Adam Levine

Why it's important: Everyone knows Levine's scruff is the REAL reason why everyone watches The Voice. If happy ever after did exist, we would all be holding Adam Levine's scruff like this.

9. The Hugh Jackman

Why it's important: This scruff from the Land Down Under is hair you wouldn't mind visiting your land down under.

7. The George Clooney

Why it's important: It's hard to think of a scruff that has been around longer than Clooney's. This salt and pepper facial hair is enough to send you to the E.R.

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