21 Moments Everyone With A Bae Has Experienced

    Before anyone else <3

    1. The "Bae Just Walked In" Moment:

    2. The "I Missed You Bae" Moment:

    3. The "Back Away From My Bae" Moment:

    4. The "Who The Fuck You Talking To" Moment:

    when you on the phone with bae and you hear their text notification go off

    5. The "Bae Keeping You Up" Moment:

    when the bae calls late and I&#x2019;m half asleep but I really wanna talk

    6. The "First Fight" Moment:

    7. The "We Meant To Be" Moment:

    when you and bae say something at the same time

    8. The "Cancelled On" Moment:

    when bae cancels the date at last moment

    9. The "Omg That's My Bae" Moment:

    That moment when u see Bae walking down the hall

    10. The "Bae's Mad At You" Moment:

    When bae mad at you from across the room

    11. The "Spying On Social Media" Moment:

    12. The "Scratch My Back" Moment:

    When I ask bae to scratch my back for me

    13. The "Battery Bout To Die But I'm Texting Bae" Moment:

    That sad moment when you stuck somewhere without a charger on 17% and you&#x27;re in the middle of texting bae.

    14. The "Locked Out Of The House" Moment:

    When bae locks u out of the house and tells you to never come back @rosettastone

    15. The "I'm sorry Bae Never Again" Moment:

    That moment after you and bae have a bad argument over the phone n finally see each other.

    16. The "Bae Texted You First" Moment:

    17. The "I Got The Receipts" Moment:

    when bae is lying but the whole squad got screenshots

    18. The "Get Your Own Bae" Moment:

    The moment you see your homies favoriting bae&#x27;s pics

    19. The "I Trusted You" Moment:

    When you see someone flirting with bae across the room

    20. The "Why Don't You Want To Hang Out With Me" Moment:

    When bae says he doesn&#x27;t want to go to the pumpkin patch

    21. And the "We're Official" Moment:

    when someone asks bae if you guys are together and he says &#x22;yeah,that&#x27;s my girl&#x22;