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Feb 3, 2015

17 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Vegas Trip

Vegcay regrets.

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1. Forgetting to properly pack for the DESERT CONDITIONS.

2. Making the painful decision to walk a part of the strip instead of taking a cab.

3. Losing A LOT of money in a slot machine because you felt it ~calling you~.

4. Politely accepting a call girl card not realizing what it actually is.

5. Posing for a picture with someone dressed up AND not realizing they charge.

6. Partying so hard at the pool during the day that you pass out by 9 p.m....

7. ...or losing all sense of time inside a casino and staying out until 6 a.m.

8. Getting a stomachache from drinking an ENTIRE slushy from Fat Tuesday.

9. Drunkenly buying a questionable souvenir.

10. Missing a prior engagement because you didn't factor in waiting lines for a taxi.

11. Paying $40 for a buffet only to not be able to fit in your outfit for the night.

12. Gambling away a ridiculous amount of money on a game you have no idea how to actually play.

13. Actually paying for a drink at a casino bar instead of waiting for a cocktail waitress to bring you a free one.

14. Not pregaming in your hotel room only to find out club drinks are more expensive than an entire handle at the store.

15. Spending money on new heels only to hold them longer than actually wearing them.

16. Turnin' up SO hard at the club that you have to make trash can stops all the way back to your room.

17. And thinking you'll be able to handle ANYTHING more than just a weekend in Las Vegas.

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