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    Millie Bobby Brown Played With Puppies While Spilling The Tea On A Potential Music Career

    The star opened up about a potential music career, Godzilla, and her love for Queer Eye.

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    With the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we had the star of the film — Millie Bobby Brown — play with ADORABLE pitbull puppies while answering YOUR fan questions...


    ...And honestly, has there ever been a better pairing?

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    Since the majority of fan questions wanted to know if Millie has plans to release music in the future, we made sure to ask her about a potential music career:


    BuzzFeed: Do you have any plans to release music in the near future?

    Millie Bobby Brown: Not in the near future but in the future.

    So what kind of music would she release? If you thought Millie would go pop, you're WRONG:


    BF: What kind of music do you think you would you release?

    MBB: Hmm, R&B blues.

    BF: Do you have any musical inspirations?

    MBB: Amy Winehouse because she was really good at singing R&B blues. [Laughs]

    Who's here for some Millie Bobby Winehouse?!

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    Can't get enough of Millie? Make sure to catch Godzilla: King of the Monsters, now playing in theaters!


    And to learn more about these insanely adorable puppies, head over to The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation!

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