31 Little Victories That Made Every '90s Kid Feel Invincible

    Not even a Sock'em Bopper could bring you down.

    1. Seeing triple digits in your Skip-It counter:

    2. Launching a Skydancer without hurting yourself in the process.

    3. Successfully putting your yo-yo to sleep.

    4. And your Furby.

    5. Slamming your way into winning your best friend's entire Pogs collection.

    6. The MASH gods revealing you were going marry your crush.

    7. Covering a blank notebook page with the coolest way to make an S.

    8. Successfully folding a cootie catcher ALL BY YOURSELF.

    9. When you weren't the one to wake daddy.

    10. Showing up to your lunch table with a pizza Lunchable.

    11. Absolutely NAILING the "Macarena" choreo.

    12. Finally getting the reaction out of SmarterChild you've been waiting for.

    13. Immediately seeing the image in a Magic Eye.

    14. Being able to fall asleep even though you just read a Goosebumps book.

    15. Breathing new life into your Nintendo cartridge.

    16. Bouncin' up and down your street in a new pair of Moon Shoes.

    17. Putting in a VHS tape AND IT WAS ALREADY REWOUND.

    18. Getting that ONE Happy Meal toy you were waiting for.

    19. And that holographic Charizard card.

    20. Being able to withstand the pain of these popping on your skin.

    21. And the sour layer of a War Head.

    22. A slap bracelet folding perfectly around your arm.

    23. Fitting Bugles onto all of your fingers.

    24. When you correctly guessed who pushed down your thumb.

    25. Being able to choose a movie AND candy at Blockbuster for a sleepover.

    26. Managing to keep your sticky hand sticky.

    27. Finding these markers in your classroom.

    28. Keeping your whole family alive in Oregon Trail.

    29. Your Fruit Stripe tattoo not turning out like total shit.

    30. Getting this damn bird to balance on your finger.

    31. And finally achieving the highest level of greatness.