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    Lindsay Lohan Is Still Trying To Make "Mean Girls 2" Happen

    "This is the importance."

    Though she's been busy hanging out with the "Korean Hulk"...


    ...Lindsay Lohan is still dedicating time to making a Mean Girls 2 happen, after her last attempt to get Emma Stone on-board stalled at 140 characters. This time around, LiLo expressed immense urgency for the sequel to E! News on Wednesday, calling it "the importance":

    Mean Girls 2 the movie — this is the importance. We need Rachel McAdams! We need the whole cast back! I'd love to do it again. We had so much fun making it. Mark Waters is such a great director, Tina Fey is an amazing writer, Paramount was great to work with — we all had a blast."

    I mean, did she lie??? This IS the importance! THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE!!! What more importance is there during a time like this?????? @TINAFEY!!!!

    Luckily for everyone, Tina Fey's Mean Girls-inspired musical hits Broadway in April, so if LiLo doesn't make the sequel happen, at least we'll have that.