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    Laura And Vanessa Marano Told Us About Their "Firsts," Including Their Awkward First Kisses

    "And then we kissed again and missed each other's mouths."

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    With the release of their upcoming movie, Saving Zoë, we had sisters Vanessa and Laura Marano stop by BuzzFeed to talk about their various "firsts"...

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    ...And I absolutely cannot get enough of these two together!

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    When we asked the sisters about their first kiss experiences, they both had hilarious and awkward stories, as one's first kiss should be!

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    Vanessa's first kiss was on-camera...while she was dressed up like Madonna, naturally. 😂😂😂

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    Vanessa Marano: Mine was on-camera. I did an independent film called Easy and I was 10 years old. The characters have their first kiss and it's supposed to be cute and sweet. It's a flashback to the older girl having her first kiss and it's supposed to take place in the '80s, so the way she decides to kiss the boy, is they were watching Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video. So, my character leaves while he's watching the video, goes and gets a blonde wig, dresses up like Madonna, and starts singing "Like a Virgin" to seduce him into a first kiss. Also, the boy did not want to kiss me.

    And on top of it all, THE SCENE WAS CUT FROM THE MOVIE.

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    Laura Marano: And then the scene didn't make it...

    VM: Oh yeah, they cut the scene! I forgot about that.

    Though Laura's first kiss was a little more traditional than her sister's on-camera smooch, it was still far from perfect.

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    LM: My first kiss was at a dance. I was such a jerk, I could tell he was really nervous so I took a lot of comfort in that. I was not gonna do it on the dance floor so we went upstairs to the venue and we kissed. Then I was like, "You gotta give me more than that."

    It took three tries, but Laura eventually got the kiss she was looking for.

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    LM: Then we kissed again and missed each other's mouths. And then we kissed again and it was good, so it was third time's a charm for a first kiss.

    Can't get enough of these sisters? Make sure to check them out in Saving Zoë, in theaters and video-on-demand July 12.

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