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Kendall Jenner Lands Her Own Vogue Cover And Hints She Won't Go To College

"The Kendall Effect"

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Kendall's cover is a special edition of Vogue dedicated entirely to her brand, which will come with Rihanna's April issue to L.A. and New York subscribers only.

Instagram: @kendalljenner

*Subscribes to Vogue*

In the special issue's feature story, the people at Vogue shadowed Kendall for a day, learning the model's plans for her future and her thoughts on going to college — which doesn't seem likely:

"You talk to people and they say the reason they went to college was to get a job, but I already have a job, so. . ."

The 20-year-old model also dished on what it's like to be the sixth most-followed Instagram user in the world, offering some learned advice on how to be successful on the social network:

"You don't want to do too many posts," she said. "You want to leave them wanting to come back." She summed up this secret in one word. "Mystery!" she said.