Kelly Clarkson Confused Her Vibrator For Children's Toys While Playing "Never Have I Ever" And It'll Make You Scream

    "Oh! I was thinking a blaster!"

    On Friday, Kelly Clarkson co-hosted that hour of the Today show where everyone gets buzzed off wine, so it's no surprise that an innocent mom edition of "Never Have I Ever" took a not-so-innocent turn when Kelly misunderstood Hoda's question about misplacing toys:

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    The moment hits at the 3:05 mark.

    The game, also featuring Jenna Bush and Ellie Kemper, started off playful, with Hoda asking mom-related questions like, "Never have I ever left a dirty diaper for my husband to change."

    But then, the game took a SHARP turn after Hoda asked the ladies, "Never have I ever misplaced a noisy toy..."

    All the ladies IMMEDIATELY turned their signs to "I have," except for Kelly, who was busy audibly laughing out loud to herself.

    Today anchor Sheinelle Jones began to share a related Mom Story™ about her son's fart gun, and that's when it hit Kelly...


    "Oh! I was thinking a blaster!" Kelly confessed, interrupting Sheinelle's Mom Story™.

    OMG, KELLY!!!! Hoda was referring to your CHILD'S toys, NOT your VIBRATOR.

    Needless to say, Kelly was a little embarrassed and presumably died from laughter behind her sign.

    BUT COME ON, WHAT ELSE WOULD AN ADULT THINK!? I'm there with you, Kelly.