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    You're Going To Cry After Watching Katy Perry Surprise An Orlando Shooting Survivor On "Ellen"

    Her song "Rise" helped him get through his hospital stay.

    In a very emotional and moving segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 30-year-old Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Tony Marrero was surprised by Katy Perry, whose song "Rise" helped him through his recovery after getting shot in the back four times on the night of the shooting:

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    Immediately after Ellen surprised Tony with Katy, there wasn't one dry eye in the room.

    "I folded a napkin in my hand like a little granny," Katy explained as she sat down. "I don't know how I'm gonna get through this, your story is so inspirational."

    As if their meeting wasn't tear-jerking enough, Tony thanked Katy for everything her music has done for him:

    Then Katy had another surprise for Tony — a year of film school personally paid by her:

    My heart <3

    To hear all of Tony's story from his appearance on Ellen, grab a box of tissues and watch the video below:

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