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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    Katy Perry Looks Barely Recognizable In A Brooding New Picture For V Magazine

    Well this is a Katy we've never seen before!

    For their 100th issue, V Magazine is bringing back their "A To Z" editorial shoot that assigns 26 famous stars a letter in the alphabet that corresponds to their first name.

    Katy Perry was the chosen star for the letter "K" and decided to ditch her colored wigs and whip cream breasts to reveal a side of the singer that we've never seen before:

    However, this new side of Katy does remind us of Jo Calderone — Lady Gaga's male alter-ego who the world became familiar with during the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards.

    JoeMcKenna /
    Jason Merritt / Getty

    Regardless, we want to see more of this look, Katy! 😍

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