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Justin Bieber's New Comeback Single Is Causing Mass Confusion


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Rocking some tossed locks, Justin Bieber stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest and announced his much-anticipated new single "What Do You Mean?"

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And yes, while this announcement of the first Justin Bieber single in three years should be a joyous occasion, Beliebers are already anticipating the struggle with the song's name.

that will be really confusing when people ask "what's your favorite song?" "what do you mean"

For some Beliebers, the song title is already causing some frustration in their lives:

@justinbieber makes it so hard to promote #WhatDoYouMean


Especially for those just trying to spread the big news with others:

@ user Justin Bieber the only you cause, is confusion. #30DAYS #WhatDoYouMean?

Some relationships have already been impacted by the confusion:

when you too busy thinking about jb #WhatDoYouMean

While some are planning to use the song title to confuse their parents:

Me waiting for the next 30 days Mom: What are you doing? Me : #WhatDoYouMean #BieberOnSeacrest #MTVHottest Justin

Some are just plain confused:

Some are bringing up valid points:

Justin: Where are Ü Now? Me: outside Justin: What Do You mean? Me: WHATS WITH ALL THE DAMN QUESTIONS?! #WhatDoYouMean #30DAYS

But for some unfortunate Beliebers, the confusion is too much and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN ANYMORE:

Maybe the confusion will subside after “What Do You Mean?” is released on Aug. 28. Stay tuned.

The countdown has begun... #WhatDoYouMean #30DAYS I'm back :)