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This Is What Life Was Like When Justin Bieber's Nudes Leaked

"What Do You Peen?" x1000

The New York Daily News on Wednesday posted photos of Justin Bieber swimming naked while on vacation in Bora Bora and, as you could imagine, the internet BLEW UP.

1. There was no escaping Justin's penis... IT WAS EVERYWHERE.

2. Everyone was trying to take in what just happened.

3. ...Even though we should've already known Justin did, in fact, have a penis LONG before this very moment.

We would have known this already if we had read his wiki

4. Some asked the important questions.

5. Some drew their take on naked Bieber.

6. While others decided to get off the internet and wait for the penis to pass.

*logs on twitter* *see Justin Bieber's dick everywhere on the tl* me:

7. Some sought out the pictures.

Sitting in the parking lot outside my kids' preschool searching the Internet for Justin Bieber's dick pics this is the meaning of life

8. While others continued to wait for the penis of their dreams to leak.

*see's Justin Bieber's nudes* *continues to patiently wait for one of Idris Elba to leak*

9. Selena was quickly thrown into the situation.

"Who leaked Justin bieber's nudes?"

10. Jokes were cracked.

11. Including some pretty clever ones.

12. So clever they were cracked again.


14. Basically, everyone was tweeting the pun of the century "what do you peen?"

(Opens Twitter after a few hours away) Why is everyone saying "what do you peen?" (Searches)

15. The whole situation led some to reflect on ~life~.

heh, well, I guess growing up means you can't keep track of what famous penises you've seen and haven't seen anymore

16. Everyone knew the significance of this moment.

Our kids will ask us: "Where were you when you first saw Justin Bieber's penis?"

17. And when things finally fell flaccid, everyone went back to what they were doing before.

Goes back to listening "What Do You Mean?"