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Justin Bieber Tried To Cover Up His Selena Gomez Tattoo But "People Still Know"

"Uh...this is my ex-girlfriend."

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If you're like me, you've probably wondered what all of those tattoos on Justin Bieber's body could possibly mean. Luckily for us, Justin took some time during his GQ cover shoot to explain the meaning behind some of the tats.

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Everything was pretty insightful and dandy UNTIL he reached that Selena Gomez tattoo just above his wrist.

Shots were fired...


Repeat after me, everyone: NO πŸ‘ TATTOOS πŸ‘ OF πŸ‘BOYFRIENDS πŸ‘ OR πŸ‘ GIRLFRIENDS πŸ‘ EVEN πŸ‘ IF πŸ‘ THEY'RE πŸ‘ SELENA πŸ‘ GOMEZ.

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