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It's Come To My Attention That Joe Jonas's Body Is Getting Very Ripped

Please don't ignore this development!

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According to my ThirstΓ©dex (the device I use to capture and store all photos of shirtless men I find), Joe Jonas's body is at an all-time πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ high. I am Britney:

And since I'm pro receipts and believe the world should be aware of this muscle uprising, here's the photographic intelligence of Joe's developing body:

Receipt A:


Receipt B:


Receipt C:


Now you're probably like, "Well, what did he look like shirtless before?" GOOD QUESTION!!!

The last picture a shirtless Joe Jonas posted on his Instagram dates back to over 100 weeks ago, and it's not even a full-body shot:

Why is he only posting full-body shirtless pictures now, HMMMMM???

Well, probably because THIS RIPPED BODY IS NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, I'm really happy Joe Jonas has found success with his new band DNCE.

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