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Vanessa Hudgens Was Completely Mortified Looking Back At Her "HSM" Audition Tape

Wildcat #TBT.

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Can you believe it's been 10 years since we all DVRed High School Musical and forbade our parents FROM EVER erasing it? Well, neither can the cast, who recently reunited and took a look at all of their audition tapes.

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Needless to say, the cast was just a tad mortified upon watching their 2005 auditions for their life-changing roles.

Lucas Grabeel revealed Ashley Tisdale was very Sharpay right off the bat...

Monique Coleman was CERTAIN she wasn't going to be cast because she thought she looked too similar to Corbin Bleu...

...and Vanessa Hudgens was speechless as she seemed COMPLETELY traumatized while watching her audition.

*makes nervous noises*

*makes more nervous noises*

Like, I cannot express how terrified Vanessa was of her past self...

...maybe because she was forced to watch herself interact with her ex, Zac Efron? Possibly during the first time they met? IDK JUST A THOUGHT.


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