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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    Hilary Duff's Glamour Shot From 1993 Is Literally You

    1993 Hilary is all of us.

    Let's face it — Glamour Shots in the '90s were THE THING. Everyone did it and chances are they probably looked extremely cheesy like this fake one of RiRi that NEVER gets old:

    Well, even celebs were victims of Glamour Shots back in the day, and Hilary Duff took to Twitter to share her G-Shot straight from 1993:

    And TBH, this adorable smile is all too familiar:

    *Me pretending that I have my life together*

    *Me during the two seconds it takes to be logged into my bank account*

    *Me when I ask the Starbucks barista if my drink is coming up*

    *Me slowly moving my credit card toward the check on a date*


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