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This Is What The Terrifying Girl From "The Ring" Looks Like Now, 5,479 Days Later

From seven days to fifteen years...

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If your childhood was anything like mine, TV static, water wells, and long, black pieces of hair are a few of your LEAST favorite things because of 2002's The Ring:

DreamWorks Pictures

Like, if I ever take some NyQuil, I'm GUARANTEED to get a visit from this rotting-dead tween, Samara:

DreamWorks Pictures

Even though it feels like it has only been seven days since our nightmares were introduced to Samara, the movie actually came out FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, and the actor who played the terrifying little girl, Daveigh Chase, is now a full-blown millennial adult:

And because this IS the internet, here she is with her little kitten 😍😍😍:

Daveigh, who's now 27, also voiced Lilo Pelekai in Disney's 2002 animated classic Lilo & Stitch and starred as Rhonda Volmer in HBO's Big Love from 2006-2011.


From seven days to 5,479 days — I'M SHOOK.

DreamWorks Pictures, Instagram: @daveighc

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