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    Hayley Kiyoko Told Us All About Her Firsts, Including Her First Crush On Rachel McAdams

    "Rachel has always been my future wife."

    With the release of her new single "Demons," we had the famous pop-singer herself — Hayley Kiyoko — sit down with us to spill the details on ALL of her firsts.

    Turns out, like every millennial ever, Hayley was a massive NSYNC fan and had the biggest crush on Rachel McAdams:

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    When we asked Hayley about her first celebrity crush, she revealed Rachel McAdams in The Notebook stole her teenage heart:

    The crush was so intense, if Hayley were to ever cross paths with Rachel now, she wouldn't even be able to say hi:

    Same, Hayley, same.

    Make sure to stream Hayley's new single "Demons," out now!