Hailee Steinfeld Answered Fan Questions While Playing With Puppies And It's The Purest Thing Ever

    This interview's bringing me back to life.

    With the upcoming release of her holiday blockbuster Bumblebee, we got on the ground with Hailee Steinfeld to answer YOUR fan questions while she played with some adorable puppies...

    ...And it's so pure, it would warm even a Decepticon's metal heart:

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    1. What drew you to the role of Charlie in Bumblebee?

    2. What sets Bumblebee apart from the previous Transformers movies?

    3. If you were a Transformer and could transform into any car or object, what would you transform into?

    4. We’re loving “Back To Life” off the Bumblebee soundtrack. When can we expect a full album from you?

    5. When you make new music, who is the first person you play it for?

    6. What music have you been listening to lately?

    7. Who would be your dream movie co-star and who would be your dream music collaboration?

    8. What do you think Emily Junk has been up to since Pitch Perfect 3?

    9. Would you return for a Pitch Perfect 4?

    10. If you were stranded on an island with only one of your Pitch Perfect co-stars, who would you pick? Why?

    11. What’s a beauty, style, or makeup tip that has changed your life?

    12. What’s one tradition over the holidays that you make sure to do every year?

    13. What are you most excited for in 2019?

    Can't get enough of Hailee? Make sure to catch her in Bumblebee, in theaters December 21!

    And to learn more about these pups and others that are up for adoption, head to Pacific Pups Rescue!