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    17 Grandpas Who Just Out-Grandpa'd Themselves

    Only grandpa.

    1. This grandpa who knows grandma says it the best:

    Thanks, Gramps.

    2. This grandpa who's giving away LIMITED-TIME offers:

    Meet at Country Buffet at 3 p.m.?

    3. This honest grandpa:

    He just wanted to watch Wheel of Fortune in HD.

    4. This grandpa who at least is washing his hands:

    At least he didn't ask you to wipe.

    5. This grandpa who wants his grandchild to have fun, BUT NOT THAT KIND OF FUN:

    But maybe alcohol.

    6. This grandpa who confused a funeral card for a Christmas card:

    It happens.

    7. And this grandpa who figured an Easter card was close enough to a birthday card:

    "This is the only card i found. if you don't like the card, send the money back! Grandpa & Grandma."

    8. This sneaky grandpa who hides his candy stash in medicine bottles:


    9. This grandpa who mastered the ultimate life hack to keep his hat on his head:

    So THAT'S the purpose of a bungee cord.

    10. This grandpa who's tired of those damn "squirls" and "racoons."

    Because animals can read.

    11. This grandpa who isn't happy about his limited mobility:

    Grandpa just spreading Christmas cheer...

    12. This grandpa vacuuming his lawn:

    It was looking a little dirty...

    13. This grandpa who is FaceTiming his grandson with his ear:

    What a nice ear you have, Grandpa.

    14. This grandpa betting against his grandchildren:


    15. This grandpa who taped over this remote's excess of buttons:

    And this way he definitely won't lose it in the couch cushions.

    16. This MacGyver grandpa who travels in S T Y L E.

    DAMN, Grandpa! Is that a La-Z-Boy???

    17. And this grandpa who knows how to get relatives to come visit him.


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