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    Jan 27, 2017

    19 Grandmas Who Out-Grandmaed Themselves

    She's just bein' grammy.

    1. This free and single grandma.

    2. This newspaper grandma.

    3. This proud grandma.

    4. This gifting grandma.

    5. This curious grandma.

    6. This technological grandma.

    7. This savage grandma.

    8. This Facebooking grandma.

    9. This tweeting grandma.

    10. This zero f**ks grandma.

    11. This guilt-trippin' grandma.

    12. This "OH DAMN!!!!!" grandma.

    13. This honest grandma.

    14. This disappointed Grandma.

    15. This confused grandma.

    16. This grooming grandma.

    17. This artsy fartsy grandma.

    18. This cheating grandma.

    19. And this birthday card grandma.

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