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    Is Gigi's Hand Photoshopped On Her New Vogue Cover?

    Let's investigate.

    Vogue magazine's latest cover, intended to celebrate all “modern American women,” features what appears to be a Photoshop eyesore that extends Gigi Hadid's arm and hand over Ashley Graham's waist:


    And given the pro-body context of the cover, the Photoshop fail is making people quite upset:

    But with a closer look at the photo, is Gigi's hand *actually* photoshopped, or do those fingers belong to Ashley???

    Like, is Ashley's left hand just wrapped around her own waist, giving the illusion of a very long Gigi arm???

    Is the cover just another photo suffering from poorly placed body parts??? 🤔


    1. What do YOU think is going on with the cover?

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    What do YOU think is going on with the cover?
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      All body parts belong to Gigi — it was intentionally photoshopped!
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      No Photoshop — that's Gigi's arm and hand but Ashley's fingers!
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      OR: No Photoshop — that's actually Liu Wen's fingers! (Her left arm is wrapped around Ashley's waist.)