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19 True Facts That Are Absolutely True About Every Single Gay Man On Earth

Damn straight I chose to be gay!

1. You actually chose to be gay.

2. EVERY straight man gives you a boner.

3. Being called someone's "GBF" is the most prestigious honor!! ! !! ! !

4. The only pictures on your phone are of other men's dicks.

5. You've never been to a straight bar because *ew,* str8 ppl.

6. Anal sex is totally glamorous and it's all you think about ALL DAY LONG.

7. The thought of a vagina literally makes you nauseous.

8. You decide who should be the "woman" in the relationship based off a game of rock, paper, scissors.

9. You're constantly plotting to turn straight men gay in your free time.

10. You could never see yourself actually getting married, you just want to challenge religious beliefs for funsies!

11. Going on dates is really confusing because it's so hard trying to figure out who should pay!!

12. You only played sports growing up to watch the other men shower and change.

13. You know you're only useful when your ~gurlfriends~ need fashion advice or a shopping buddy.

14. You have extreme daddy issues and that's probably why you're gay as well.

15. You know you're lucky to be gay, because all the "good ones" are!

16. You're absolutely incapable of being monogamous.

17. You can’t interact with other people without being a combination of bitchy, sassy, and flamboyant.

18. You know you shouldn't have kids because you'll probably raise them gay too.

19. And you'll probably try beastiality next, because what's the difference?