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    Two BFFs Solved Major Friendship Problems

    Friendship is forever, just like a bad tattoo.

    BuzzFeed's resident BFFs, Christian and Sam, recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their current friendship problems to see if #ChriSam could use their friendship knowledge to solve 'em!

    1. This friend struggling with keeping it all in the family:

    Dear BuzzFeed BFFs,

    My best friend recently started dating my little brother… He's a great guy, but things got a little out of hand, and every time I try to give advice to them about being careful and not taking things too fast (because they're both in their young teens), they (my brother especially) say that my advice isn't valid because I'm her best friend, and I'm influenced by jealousy… What do I do to make sure I'm not influenced by it, and how can I word it so that they'll listen?

    (Submitted by alyssar4d227333c)

    2. This friend who wishes to erase the past:

    My best friend harassed me into getting (terrible) matching tattoos a while ago and I want to get mine lasered off. It's awful and I hate it, but I don't know how to do it without offending her. What should I do?

    (Submitted by laurenc4b99d5a80)

    3. This friend who's BFFs with jealousy:

    Dear BuzzFeed BFFs,

    My friend since kindergarten seems to be turning against me. She talks bad about me to our other friends, is jealous about anything I do well, and is constantly snapping at me. Everything I do seems to make it worse, so I've just about given up on our friendship completely. I want to make it better. Is there any way?

    (Submitted by MadPad)

    4. This friend who's watching her friend fall for her ex:

    So I recently dated this guy at my school, and we just broke up, but not only is my BFF still talking to him, they're flirting hardcore as well. It really hurts, but she looks so happy, and I don't want us to not be friends, so I haven't told her how I feel. Please help me! I don't know what to do with it anymore.

    (Submitted by Ulla Bech)

    5. This friend dealing with a "fake":

    Well, I have a friend who has a fake boyfriend…that just about says it all. All of our other friends know he is fake and they decided to take the more aggressive route and be sort of harsh to her, but I want to let her know I know in more of a subtle and friendly way(?)

    (Submitted by rebeccastrasser95)

    6. This friend who likes to dick around:

    Dear BuzzFeed BFFs,

    My friend is a dick but the problem is I'm also a dick. I can't forgive him and it doesn't seem like he cares. Maybe we aren't that great of friends after all these years. Go figure.

    (Submitted by elizaj482ff7ada)

    Have a friendship problem you want solved? We’ll be giving out MORE advice via a Periscope broadcast, so be sure to tune in to Christian's Periscope (@christian_zamo) Friday, June 5 at 4 p.m. ET/1 PT.