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    Posted on Sep 19, 2016

    Fifth Harmony Turned Into Dystopian Saviors In The "That's My Girl" Video

    That's my girls!

    Fifth Harmony saved lives with their latest album 7/27, so it only makes sense the video for their newest single "That's My Girl" shows the queens once again saving lives in a war-ridden dystopian city (with color guard dance breaks, of course):

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    The visual opens with wide shot of a fallen city that's in the shape of a "5" because the women of 5H are tycoons:

    Unfortunately, the citizen's of Fifth Harmcity have more than just some dirt on their shoulders (probably because the girls have been away on tour):

    So 5H comes struttin' into the town like your color guard team from high shool ready to save lives with their flags:

    The Harmcity citizens are all like "YASS, THAT'S MY SAVOIR" while the girls do a sacred color guard dance in front of a new Jeep:

    Now, I'm not quite sure what happened after that, but pink dust exploded everywhere so I think the sacred color guard dance worked and Fifth Harmcity was saved:


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