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    16 Facts Of Life Only People Who Like Their Personal Space Will Understand

    Don't take my personal space personal.

    1. You have a personal bubble surrounding you at ALL TIMES and you don't allow ANYONE to pop it.

    2. And that bubble has been surrounding you ever since you entered this world.

    3. You hate being tickled, hugged, and anything else where body contact is involved.

    4. And if anyone has the courage to challenge your way of life, they WILL be notified and there WILL be repercussions.

    5. Any situation that involves a high volume of people WILL be avoided at all costs.

    6. Or, if you're required to venture out where the people are, you will take the appropriate precautions.

    7. The only thing that gets you through the day is the thought of going to bed because that's when you can FINALLY be left alone in YOUR bedroom.

    8. Your dream house exists on an island where no one can reach you, touch you, ask to borrow eggs for a cake, etc.

    9. You know better than to wait in line for ANYTHING because there will always be that one the person behind you who gets way too close.

    10. But somehow, you're still constantly saying "Can I help you?" throughout the day because almost NO ONE understands how to keep their distance.

    11. Making friends is pretty hard because it's rare to find someone who knows the value of ~personal space.~

    12. And the mere thought of a serious relationship is almost too much to handle because of all the touching and affection that comes with it.

    13. But if you manage to get yourself into a relationship, you'll be sure to still have your space.

    14. Public transportation is what your nightmares are made of because it's just a bunch of commuting strangers who don't understand S P A C E.

    15. Like basically anything with the word "public" before it stresses you the fuck out.

    16. But at the end of the day, having your personal bubble is totally worth it because you'll surely be the last to catch that office flu.