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21 Things Everyone Who Has A Facebook Has Said To Themselves

We're all shady queens when it comes to Facebook.

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1. When another friend gets engaged:

2. And when that friend gets married:

3. When a friend uploads a picture of their pregnant belly growing EVERY DAMN WEEK:

4. When your crush changes their status to "in a relationship":

5. When a friend posts another accomplishment:

6. When it's an election year:

7. When a friend humblebrags about their new job:

8. When a friend constantly uploads pictures of themselves with their bae:

9. When a couple posts loving messages on each other's walls:

10. When a friend uploads a mirror selfie:

11. When two friends start fighting on a link you shared:

12. When you accept your mom's friend request:

13. When one of your parent's friends adds you as a friend:

14. When an ex tries to re-request you as a friend:


15. When a frenemy likes a shady comment on your picture but doesn't like the actual picture:

16. When you get an event reminder for something you didn't even RSVP to:

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17. When a friend posts a vague status:

18. When you're collecting those "likes" from everyone on a picture:

19. When a friend posts about moving on after a breakup:

20. When you discover an old high school friend suddenly got hot:

21. And when you get another damn invite to play Candy Crush Saga:

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