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18 Parents Who Are So Extra That It's Actually Endearing

They can't help it they're so extra.

1. This mom and her smuggled movie snacks.

2. This mom and her skeleton friend.

3. This dad and his love for Mario Kart.

4. This mom and her homemade holiday bell suit.

new year. new bellsuit. same legendary mom. #shesback

5. This mom and the cake she made to resemble her cat.

6. These parents and their beloved dog at Disneyland.

7. This mom and her love of putting ordinary shit into other shit.

8. This mom and her homemade meme.

9. This mom and her Halloween costume.

10. This dad and his favoritism.

11. This mom and her love for new apps.

12. This dad and his late realization that he thought needed to be shared.

13. This mom and her interior-decorating skill set.

14. This dad and his big surprise for his daughter.

15. This mom and her savage joke.

16. This mom and her relentless optimism.

17. This dad and his text to make sure his dog was prepared for the weather.

18. And this dad who knows how to troll.