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    21 Things You Learn To Accept In High School Student Government

    School dances are the enemy.

    1. BARELY having any time to get ready for school dances because you were decorating all morning.

    2. The struggle of coming up with a clever slogan to get you elected every year.

    3. Being held to a higher standard by all teachers and staff.

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    4. Being one of the FEW students always dressed up during spirit week.

    5. The drama of two members dating...

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    6. ... And then breaking up.

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    7. And the awkwardness when someone doesn't get re-elected.

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    8. Developing a strong passion for school pride that you can't shut off.

    9. Team-building exercises on the daily.

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    Mainly trust falls.

    10. The tough love between the student government seniors and freshmen.

    11. Staying late after every single dance to clean up all the decorations.

    12. And the very rational fear that your date might leave you while you're cleaning.

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    13. Your poster-making skills are always under question.

    14. The about-to-puke feeling every time you talk in front of the whole student body.

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    15. And trying to keep your cool while they all silently judge you.

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    16. Spending more time at school than at home.

    17. The dreaded annual fight over what the prom theme should be.

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    18. The countless distractions that every new day brings.

    19. LITERALLY everyone running for president come senior year.

    20. The waterworks at the end of year on the seniors' last day.

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    21. And the inevitable day when you close one of the greatest chapters in your life.

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