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Ed O'Neill Didn't Realize He Took A Picture With Britney Spears Until A Day Later

Aren't you married with children, Ed?

Back in March, Queen of Pop Britney Spears took a picture with Modern Family's Ed O'Neill and it was absolutely ADORABLE!

Well, turns out Ed actually had no idea he was taking a picture with Britney until a day AFTER he took the picture. He stopped by Ellen and explained the hilarious situation:

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Basically, Ed was waiting to board a fight when Britney approached him:

And Britney, being the polite woman that she is, excitedly asked Ed for a picture:

So the two took the picture and went their separate ways. It wasn't until THE NEXT DAY and THOUSANDS of likes later that he found out he took a picture with the pop icon:

Well, at least he knows now!