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    Dylan McDermott Read Thirst Tweets And Says "Thank You" For All The Nice Comments About His Butt

    AHS: Murder House was a gift. If you know you know.

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    It's been two weeks since Ryan Murphy's Hollywood appeared on Netflix and it's quickly become a much-watch.

    Saeed Adyani / Netflix

    To celebrate, we had one of the show's stars, Dylan McDermott, read thirst tweets and let's just say things get steamy:



    I want to outline Dylan McDermott's abbs with my tongue.



    I still get confused between Dermot Mulroney and Dylan McDermott. If they were in a movie together my head would explode from sexy confusion



    How much do I have to pay @DylanMcDermott to run me over with a truck



    I made my mom watch AHS from the beginning and she goes "If you told me I'd get to see Dylan McDermott's butt I would have watched sooner"



    My husband just told me he is gay for one man and that man is @DylanMcDermott I’m not even mad. I completely get it. #BDE #hotAF


    And there's more where that came from! Watch Dylan's full video below and be sure to check out Hollywood on Netflix!

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