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21 Dogs That Will Make Your Dead Heart Beat Again

They'll turn your heart into fur.

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1. This dog that wants to hold paws.

2. This sweet lil' dog:

3. This flexible pug:

4. This ~green~ lab:

5. This perfect four-legged employee:

6. This tucked-in man:

7. These snuggle buddies:

8. This dog just looking for a little help:

9. This dog who clearly went bankrupt first:

10. This happy 11-year-old doggy:

11. This shy dog:

12. This excited pup:

13. This determined puppy:

14. This lab and its bird friend:

15. This bulldog excited over his new bed:

17. This puppy meeting his reflections:

Instagram: @life_as_lila

18. This puppy going fishing:

19. This just-a-little-happy-that-you're-home guy:

20. This chihuahua getting its sugar fix:

21. And this fabulous lady:

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