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19 Tweets That Are Too Damn Real For Dog Owners

More like the dog owns you, TBH.

1. Trust me, HE'S BETTER THAN OK.

2. You have a family to care for.

employer: why do you want a job here? me: so i can provide for my dog

3. It's a ruff life.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to speak the same language as my dog


5. So nakey.

6. You gotta do what you gotta do.

These two dogs just started barking at my dog and I couldn't let my boi be outnumbered so I started barking too

7. *Opens bag of Cheez-Its*

8. If only...

wish I could text my dog and be like "hey I love you" just to let her know like yeah we aren't together rn but I'm still loyal and I miss u


My dog jumped on me this morning and got my shirt dirty. I was so mad at her that I stayed mad for THREE WHOLE MINUTES! Boy was I steamed…


I spend the majority of my day asking my dog what she's doing.

11. They're always inviting themselves.

me: *stands up* my dog: oh word? where we going?

12. They always know what to say.

*petting a dog* me: pls cure my depression dog: bork me: thanks

13. The good life.

5 things i want in life: 1. a dog 2. another dog 3. a big house for my dogs 4. parks to walk my dogs 5. a partner who loves dogs

14. She's a good dog, OK?!

me when my dog accidently gets fed twice at night

15. What the fetch.

I hate going to the dog park because I have to watch my dog be better at making friends than me

16. *Scrolls through camera roll full of dog selfies*

me: wanna see pics of my dog? person: no its ok me: great! this is him playin. this is him sleeping. this is him being the CUTEST DOG EVER

17. Don't you dare say W-A-L-K.

18. Repeat x 7,000.

Me to my parents: "see ya later" Me to my dog: "bye, I love you so much, I'll miss you, see you soon puppers, love you, bye!!!" Repeat x7

19. What can you say? You just love your dog more than anything else.

my dad had the dog sit up front while me and my mom and brother sit in the back