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    23 Breathtaking Instagram Happy Trails Everyone Should Follow

    Because they all lead to happiness.

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    1. This furry trail:

    2. This burly trail:

    3. This thick trail:

    4. This meandering trail:

    5. This chiseled trail:

    6. This narrow trail:

    7. This rocky trail:

    8. This wispy trail:

    9. This dangerous trail:

    10. This one-of-a-kind trail:

    11. This enticing trail:

    12. This seaside trail:

    13. This trail, for experts only:

    14. This adventurous trail:

    15. This daring trail:

    16. This dreamy trail:

    17. This fuzzy trail:

    18. This pleasant trail:

    19. These identical trails:

    20. This well-marked trail:

    21. This sandy trail:

    22. This jagged trail:

    23. And this trail to end all trails:

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