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Demi Lovato Might Be Dating A Girl And She's Gorgeous As Hell

They're TOO cute.

Back when Demi Lovato's sexual exploration anthem "Cool for the Summer" dropped in 2015 while she was dating Wilmer Valderrama, the singer's sexuality was in question by the general public. ESPECIALLY after she all but confirmed that she IS bisexual while appearing on Chatty Man later that year:

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The moment starts at the 2:45 mark.

Fast-forward to two years later: Demi and Wilmer haven't been an item for over a year now...

...and on Sunday, the singer was spotted at Disneyland holding hands with out DJ Lauren Abedini.

Who, by the way, is 😍😍😍x100000000:

Now, the two could just be a couple of friends using the buddy system at Disneyland, butt...


We have decided to stan forever.