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    Creed Bratton Spilled Some Major Tea On "The Office" And It's Game-Changing

    Did he just admit to being the Scranton Strangler?!

    As part of our new #TBTea series, Creed Bratton — who played the ~mysterious~ Creed Bratton for nine seasons on The Office — stopped by BuzzFeed and spilled some major throwback tea while answering all your burning Office questions...

    ...and honestly, what he said changes EVERYTHING about your favorite character from your favorite sitcom:

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    1. How were you cast to play Creed?

    2. Why was your real first and last name used for your character in The Office?

    3. What did you do on your computer while other cast members were filming?

    4. Do you have a favorite improvised moment from the show?

    5. What's your favorite Creed line of all time?

    6. Who was your favorite person to do scenes with?

    7. Why was Creed covered in Blood in the Halloween episode “Here Comes Treble"?

    8. Who was Creed’s worm guy?

    9. Why was Creed arrested at the end of the series?

    10. There’s a conspiracy that Creed Bratton isn’t actually Creed Bratton. Did Creed kill the real Creed and take his identity?

    11. Did you keep anything from the show after the series ended?

    12. What have you, ACTUAL Creed Bratton, been up to since The Office ended?

    13. If there were to be a reboot of The Office, where do you think Creed would be today?

    Make sure to check out Creed's new single “Heart of Darkness” from his new album While the Young Punks Dance, available wherever digital downloads are sold on April 6.