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    Usher, Jay-Z, And Beyoncé Took The Most Awkward Front-Facing Video Of All Time At The Super Bowl

    Watch Jay-Z and Beyoncé discover video recording.

    In the most awkward video footage to surface from the Super Bowl, Usher went in to take what SHOULD'VE been the most iconic front-facing video recording of all time. But instead, all he got was a confused Beyoncé and Jay-Z:

    Usher: it's a video on snapchat Hov: I don't even know what that means - lmao

    Jay: "I don't even know what that means."

    Bey: *Just keep smiling...*

    *I think it's still recording so just keep smiling...*

    *Is it over yet?*

    I guess it might be a while until we see Bey and Jay on Snapchat...

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