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This Woman Gazing At Chris Hemsworth As He Walks By Is As Relatable As It Gets

She's all of us, but especially me.

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Right now, life is good because Heavenly Father's very own Mona Lisa, Chris Hemsworth, is everywhere promoting a new project. Like, this morning, he was layered up, heading to the Sirius Building in New York looking all Chrishemsworthy (there's really not another adjective to describe him):

And honestly, the woman behind him (who was lucky enough to brush by his existence) IS A FUCKING RELATABLE ICON.

Tell me this wouldn't be you if you were on your morning commute to work (on the dirty streets of NYC) and happened to see Chris Hemsworth!!! TELL ME THAT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THE SAME GAZE.

Even her reflection is stunned!

She's all of us... but especially me.