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    Charlie Puth Debunked Headlines About Himself And No, He Isn't Sending Shawn Mendes Gym Selfies

    "God, I f*cking hate the internet."

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    In celebration of his return to the music scene with his pulsating new single "I Warned Myself," we sat down with Charlie Puth to give him the opportunity to debunk news headlines about himself in our new BuzzFeed Celeb series, "Reality Check."

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    So, why did Charlie Puth shave his head? And does he *actually* send Shawn Mendes workout selfies? Find out what he thinks about the news cycle in the video below:

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    When we had Charlie react to ET Canada's headline about Shawn Mendes insisting Charlie Puth is "the only one who sends gym selfies" after they photographed working out together, Charlie had a lot to say:

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    Charlie Puth: I mean, I think we took one picture of us working out while we were on the Jingle Ball Tour in 2015. Somehow that effervesced into this mountain of "Oh, all Charlie and Shawn do — aside them being musicians — they just take gym selfies."

    So sorry, Shawnlie stans: neither of them sends pictures of their #gains to each other. REALITY, CHECKED. ✅

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    Can't get enough of Charlie? Make sure to check out the video for his new single "I Warned Myself," NOW.

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