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    Looks Like Chad From "The Bachelorette" And Spencer Pratt Might Become Friends

    This seems Spad.

    Everyone brace yourselves: it looks like Chad from The Bachelorette and Spencer from The Hills might have a budding friendship!

    The two reality star antagonists started to hit things off last night on Twitter after Spencer Pratt tweeted his outrage that Chad was kicked off Bachelor In Paradise after some offensive remarks:

    The sweet potato-eating Chad noticed Spencer sliding into his mentions and replied to him asking if he watched the episode:

    ...Spencer, indeed, was:

    Spencer continued to grow the bro-ship by joking JoJo and Jordan were the reason Chad was a little ~belligerent~ on the show...

    ...And then stood up for Chad's actions on Paradise:

    And for what it's worth, Chad liked a tweet proposing the idea of a Chad/Spencer reality show:


    H/t: Us Magazine