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Celebs At The VMAs Tried To Answer Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions And It Was Hilarious

"How do I unbake a cake?"

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As I'm sure you know by now, people have asked some pretty ridiculous things on Yahoo Answers. For example, this woman who wanted to know if she could expose her cheating husband by his farts:

So we decided to take some of the most insane Yahoo Answers questions to the 2017 VMAs and attempt to answer them with the help of celebs:

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Jenelle from Teen Mom thinks the right age to teach dogs about sex is at the ripe age of two...


"They grow faster than humans, so it seems like their brain would be more mature."

Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf ended up teaching us about smegma after trying to solve why one user's balls smell like ham...


"If you aren't circumcised, you get this thing called 'smegma'..."

...And Drake Bell just isn't quite sure if you can expose a cheating husband based on the smell of his farts.


I think there might be some way you can find with the food he's eaten...?

Never change, Yahoo Answers.

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